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Buckalope Elementary DVD Boxed Set
Ages 5-10 (K-4)
The first six episodes of the Buckalope Elementary series are now available on DVD. The multi-media curriculum, which is grounded in educational theory and research, promotes character development, career awareness, problem solving, self-esteem, and above all, motivation.

Each episode focuses on a different character trait or theme, and contains an original song. (See below for details)

This DVD set contains the following:
• Six full episodes:

“Interests, Hobbies & Careers” (7:21)
“Self Esteem” (4:05)
“Career Day” (11:06)
“Responsibility” (7:11)
“Teamwork” (4:52)
“The Science Fair” (13:32)

• Music videos, karaoke/sing-a-long videos of each original song.
• “Buckalope Elementary” Soundtrack CD with karaoke versions.
• Additional bonus material, including DVD-ROM of all content as digital files.