Buckalope Elementary DVD Boxed Set
Ages 5-10 (K-4)
The first six episodes of the Buckalope Elementary series are now available on DVD. The multi-media curriculum, which is grounded in educational theory and research, promotes character development, career awareness, problem solving, self-esteem, and above all, motivation.

Each episode focuses on a different character trait or theme, and contains an original song. 

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This DVD set contains the following:
• Six full episodes:
"Interests, Hobbies & Careers" (7:21)
"Self Esteem" (4:05)
"Career Day" (11:06)
"Responsibility" (7:11)
"Teamwork" (4:52)
"The Science Fair" (13:32)
• Music videos, karaoke/sing-a-long videos of each original song.
• "Buckalope Elementary" Soundtrack CD with karaoke versions.
• Additional bonus material, including DVD-ROM of all content as digital files.

$34.95 (+ Shipping and Handling)

BE-Soundtrack AlbumThe Buckalope Elementary Sountrack Album 
1. Buckalope Elementary Opening Theme
2. The Career Song (It All Depends)
3. Talented Song
4. Learning Is A Hoot
5. The Responsibility Rap
6. The Crayon Song
7. Let's Make A Team
8. Science Rules
9. The Cosmos
10. The Buckalope Elementary Theme Song
11. The Buckalope Elementary Theme Song (Karaoke Version)
12. The Career Song (Karaoke Version)
13. Talented Song (Karaoke Version)
14. Learning Is A Hoot (Karaoke Version)
15. Responsibility Rap (Karaoke Version)
16. Let's Make A Team (Karaoke Version)

Compact Disc - $11.95 (+ Shipping & Handling)


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